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Zumma Publishing
The Zumma Publishing Company features the Zumma System Tester Library' that is available in book form, for those looking for a gambling system that will really work. Become successful at craps, with the System Tester from Zumma, which is considered the craps gold standard which have got the craps professional platform tested against. Live craps decisions, maximum testing power and actual numbers rolled have been recorded. The summary is detailed and useful combined with number distribution charts to help you create a powerful craps strategy!
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Get Dicey
Get Dicey is a no nonsense craps book featuring insight details on everything the craps dealer won't tell you. Players can read up on important information on achieving craps betting limits, detailed guides on power pressing strategies and how to strike whilst the dice is still hot! There are several chapters covering various aspects of the craps game like etiquette, technical aspects of a good or bad bet and hours on end of live gaming told from the viewpoint of a Las Vegas craps dealer!
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Craps Books
You can find Craps Books on the Gamblers Book Club website. The books are informative and cover the basic rules of gameplay, table layout, which strategy optimizes your chances of winning and how many bets you must place before withdrawing your position at the craps table. Craps is exciting, adventurous and can be a game changer to your pocket if you play your cards right. This is what the Craps Book is all about, how to increase your winning opportunities and how to become a successful craps player!
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